HSCCQ Motorkhana and Khanacross (Restricted Entry)

Aug 02nd 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Willowbank Raceway - Champions Way, Willowbank

HSCCQ will be running a Motorkhana / Khanacross event on August 2nd.

In accordance with Motorsport Australia's COVID-19 Safety Policy, it will be very limited in entry numbers and there will be several restrictions: No day licenses, No spectators, One pit crew per entrant, Spacing between pits, Written driver briefing, Self scrutineering. All entries must be processed and approved at least 3 days prior to the event. Pre-payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer only (no cash on-site payments).

Everyone attending the event must register beforehand. No exceptions.
We will be forced to turn anyone away who is not listed.

Supplementary Regulations: hsccq-200802-supplementary-regulations.pdf

HSCCQ COVID-19 Policy Statement: HSCCQ-COVID-19-Policy.pdf

Drivers Briefing: hsccq-200802-drivers-briefing.pdf

Self-Scrutiny Checklist: hsccq-200802-self-checklist-autotest.pdf (download and open with MS Edge or Adobe Acrobat to fill in forms)

Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance: hsccq-200802-self-statement-of-vehicle-compliance.pdf (download and open with MS Edge or Adobe Acrobat to fill in forms)

Please read through all the additional steps carefully, and understand that fully completed and paid online entries will still not be considered as valid unless you have:

  • completed and returned via email the Self Scrutiny forms (both checklist and statement) for your vehicle

  • EVERY DRIVER on your entry has completed the online Entrant Information form (link provided after submitting entry form)

If we do not receive these additional forms by the deadline (July 30), we will simply refund your entry payments.